Who is Vanessa Rudloff?

Simply, I am a people person.

I am genuinely interested in the comings and goings of what people are passionate about. I am primarily attracted to artists, as they most often wear their passion like a badge. Yet, traveling, family and vocation also evoke that passion in individuals and I eat it up! My momma instilled in me an insatiable hunger for humanity, taking every individual as they are. 

A camera in hand is a key to all doors. It has taken me from the midwest to the east coast to the west coast, across the Big Pond to Europe and south (not yet south enough, though).

I have photographed CEOs, NBA Players, Poet Laureates and the families that make those individuals who they are. I have photographed the process, the behind the scenes. I have documented the open road and my travels along it. 

A Saint Louis native, I recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest from the red dirt of Oklahoma. My current pursuit is to photograph all those that inspire me while enjoying as much of life as I can along the way.

This is My Mount Rushmore.

I am a furrbaby momma, an auntie, and a godmother.

I am a student of the open road.

I am a collector.

I am an artist.

I am a go-getter.

I am a businesswoman.

I am a photographer. Hopefully yours :)

May our paths cross as the road rises up to meet us.



*all images followed by an asterisk were conceived as the Associate Photographer under the employment of

Shevaun Williams & Associates, Commercial Photography Inc.

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