Simply, I am a people person.

I am genuinely interested in the comings and goings of people.

Primarily attracted to artists, as they most often wear their passion like a badge. Their success is success for us all. I have photographed CEOs, NBA Players, Poet Laureates and the families that have made those individuals who they are. 

I have documented the open road and my travels along it. A Saint Louis native, I have lived in the rain of the Pacific Northwest, upon the cobblestones of Paris, down the red dirt roads of Oklahoma and find myself home again centrally located in the Grand Center Arts District of Midtown.

Currently booking.

Portrait sessions start at $200.

Headshots $150 for a 45 minute session. Includes 2 digital images.

*all images followed by an asterisk were conceived as the Associate Photographer under the employment of

Shevaun Williams & Associates, Commercial Photography Inc.

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